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X-Blades / Oniblade - Ayumi sexy pics

Nice character (Ayumi) image, wallpaper and screenshots. Ayumi, "X-Blades" (original name Oniblade) sexy heroine, doesn't only look good in the game's artworks - those fantastic brand-new screens almost make her jump right at you out of the screen! The development team at Gaijin Entertainment has really pulled out all the stops in the past few weeks, integrating lots of new objects into the game - there are fascinating statues and mysterious receptacles - and you can break 'em all to get at the contents, which might be special rewards in the form of power-ups or maybe treasure.

Another focal issue for the developers is the ongoing refinement of Ayumi's combat skills. She has been given new attack moves - and at the same time the fluidity of the various animated graphics and their inter-connection have been perfected.

AND! She is showing her ass in the game!? the picture below proof it XD

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Anonymous said...

you should post hentai pictures of Prince of Persia babes