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KoF: Shiranui Muzan 1 & 2

[Tokkuriya (Tonbo)] Shiranui Muzan (King of Fighters)... Mai Shiranui defeated by her opponent in the battle and... GET RAPED!!!

Shiranui Muzan:
Mirror (BS)
Mirror (MF)

6498653_muzan_01.jpg 6498655_muzan_20.jpg 6498660_muzan_29.jpg

Shiranui Muzan 2:
Mirror (BS)
Mirror (MF)

6498661_muzan2_01.jpg 6498664_muzan2_12.jpg 6498668_muzan2_26.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the Mediafire link for Shiranui Muzan 1 and 2 are no longer available would you create some new download links, please?

Pcol said...

it's done, enjoy :D