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Evangelion - PSP wallpaper (10 pic)

*these pictures will expire, download faster if you love it (right click on the pic and select "save picture as")

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice site. Found this site through English Hentai Blog.

Love these Evangelion wallpapers... Too bad I don't have a PSP. ^_^;

Picture Collector said...

Thanks for visiting. You don't know maybe you will eventually own a psp

Anonymous said...

Don't think so... I don't even like PSP.. Almost no games.
A Nintendo DS would be better...

Anonymous said...

Nintendo ds is a girls(gay guys) handheld, psp has loads of games.
And ds graphics are pretty much
n64 graphics, psp is almost ps2 graphics (n64 or ps2?)
only a dumbass n00b would choose the first, but hey if you would rather play animal crossing and nintendogs than tear through opponent after opponent as scorpion in MKU then be my guest.